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Paul Cezzane: Paul Cézanne was a Post-Impressionist painter from France whose work created the groundwork for the transition from a 19th-century vision of artistic endeavour to a new and profoundly different world of art in the 20th century. Cézanne is credited with bridging the gap between late-nineteenth-century Impressionism and Cubism, a new path of creative inquiry that emerged in the early twentieth century. Cézanne's trademark brushstrokes, which are often repetitive and exploratory, are instantly recognised. He created intricate fields by layering colour planes and little brushstrokes. Cézanne's careful research of his subjects is reflected in the paintings. "Cézanne is the father of us all," both Matisse and Picasso are reputed to have claimed.

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Most Asked Questions:

  • Q. How old was the history of Oil Painting ?
  • Answer: Oil painting is the most preferred painting style and practiced by most artists around the world. Oil paint was invented long ago. Oil paints were fi....Read More

  • Q. What type of materials or tools are used for Oil Painting ?
  • Answer: The oil paint is made by mixing color pigments with drying oils like poppy seed oil, walnut oil, linseed oil, safflower oil etc. The viscosity of the ...Read More

  • Q. Why some artists prefer Oil Painting?
  • Answer: Oil paint allows the artist to achieve a broad range of opacity and intensity in their work. It lets you to layer multiple colours and blend them toge...Read More

  • Q. How Oil Painting is differ from .....?
  • Answer: Oil paint is a type of slow-drying paint that consists of particles of pigment suspended in a . ........
    On the other hand, Most spray paints are oil-based, and they last longer than latex paint (water based paints). .... Read More

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