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Most Asked Questions:

  • Q. How old was the history of Pencil Sketch ?
  • Answer: In Sketching a pencil is handled nearly like a brush, resulting in a paint like effect There is no known history of pencil sketching. But we have s....Read More

  • Q. What type of materials or tools are used for Pencil Sketch ?
  • Answer: Although all pencils provide gray scale and shady color, but most commonly known pencils used for sketching is either Graphite or Charcoal pencil. Gra...Read More

  • Q. Why some artists prefer Pencil Sketch?
  • Answer: The potential of the graphite pencil to create a realistic and detailed sketch is widely recognised. The graphite pencil's smudging abilities will all...Read More

  • Q. How Pencil Sketch is differ from .....?
  • Answer: Sketching is usually a required aspect of an art student's curriculum. Making sketches from a live m. ........
    On the other hand, Charcoal can produce exceptionally brilliant or strong black lines, and explore higher contrast and .... Read More

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