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Arthur Schopenhauer: Arthur Schopenha is a well-known author and a Schopenhaurman  Philosopher. His most famous work, The World as Will and Representation (extended in 1844), was published in 1818 and describes the phenomenal world as the result of a blind noumenal will. Schopenhauer constructed an atheistic philosophical and ethical theory based on Immanuel Kant's transcendental idealism, rejecting the contemporaneous notions of German idealism. He was one of the first Western philosophers to share and affirm important Indian philosophical ideas including asceticism, self-denial, and the concept of the world-as-appearance. His work has been considered as a textbook example of philosophical pessimism.

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Most Asked Questions:

  • Q. How old was the history of Digital Art ?
  • Answer: Digital Paintings, a Computer Art or Multimedia Art is a modern artistic work or technique that uses digital technology. Starting of the digital pain....Read More

  • Q. What type of materials or tools are used for Digital Art ?
  • Answer: You can create stunning artworks  with digital painting since you have the ability to choose from a variety of tools and features. Different painti...Read More

  • Q. Why some artists prefer Digital Art?
  • Answer: Digital art is a type of modern art that uses mass production techniques or digital technology. As a result, the media uses digital painting technique...Read More

  • Q. How Digital Art is differ from .....?
  • Answer: With contrast to traditional painting, the entire artwork is created digitally in Digital Painting. . ........
    On the other hand,

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