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Art and Paintings has deep rooted history which helps to form and depicts our human civilisation. No one can deny the importance of art and paintings to make changes to the society, to keep historical reports and to bear a witness of the past. In short word, art and paintings are the only evidence that we have, which makes a place glorious for us. There was some era where the kings rules throughout the world, the sculptures and monuments and their paintings that they or artists and historians of their times made, was like treasure for us to know more about their social life, personal life, political life, religious life and even their bilateral trading with other kingdoms.

Interestingly, we cannot reproduce the artworks or paintings exactly as they are, but they did leave some techniques behind, which we can still use to create amazing artworks, and artists in the contemporary era are also using colours to write history for future generations.

Online Art Platform was introduced long before three years as GranNino.This platform allows you to upload a vast number of paintings and sketches. If you are an artist, you may freely upload your paintings and drawings to this Platform, where you can meet other artists from all over the world. You can upload a variety of artworks to this platform, including

  • Panel Pintings
  • Panorama
  • Miniature Paintings
  • Spray Paintings
  • Mural Paintings
  • Encaustic Paintings
  • Sand Paintings
  • Pastel Paintings
  • Grisaille Paintings
  • Action Paintings
  • Ink Paintings
  • Collage Paintings
  • Casein Paintings
  • Digital Painting
  • Aerial Perspective
  • Madhubani Paintings
  • Warli Paintings
  • Figure Paintings
  • Coffee Paintings
  • Perspective Paintings
  • Divisionism
  • Ball Pen Art
  • Dot Paintings
  • Kalamkari Paintings
  • Veduta Paintings
  • Gond Paintings
  • 3D Paintings

and many more others types of paintings.

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